An inside look at Space.NK's new website


Space.NK's Head of Ecommerce Jez Wilson talks through the retailer's updated online functions

Space.NK.apothecary recently unveiled its new-look website created by demandware expert Astound. Jez Wilson, Head of Ecommerce at Space.NK, explains...

Jez Wilson

Jez Wilson

What attracted Space.NK.apothecary to Astound?
What we were looking for was a systems partner that was able to be a lot more flexible than some of the others out there. We wanted to be able to have more control over developing the site ourselves once the initial delivery had happened, whereas what we found with certain systems integrators was that we were then tied into a development relationship with them going forward. Well, we didn’t want that: we wanted to be masters of our own destiny when it comes to our site – we want to own it, we want to control it, and Astound were very open to that. We wanted to be able to use all the features of demandware as and when they came up with no road blockers, without having to rebuild the platform every time. There is no middle-ware code that someone’s put in that means you don’t own your website when you’re finished.


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