New elixir presented in a Virospack dropper pack

Published: 11-Nov-2022

Clean beauty luxury: elixir for hands and cuticles care

Under the slogan CLEAN BEAUTY LUXURY and with a clear promise – “ Switch up your look with elevated essentials designed in NYC.” – the cosmetic brand EMILIE HEATHE was born in the USA relatively recently.

A brand specialising in makeup for brows, lips, and nails, which has been incorporating accessories and fragrances in its range.

A brand of colourful products that in a short time has become one of the favourites of North Americans. And in which the presentations of its products stand out, always betting on truly premium, innovative, and qualitative packaging.

The latest release?

An elixir for hands and cuticle care, packaged in a dispenser pack manufactured by Virospack. It's a full pack composed of a black dropper and a moulded glass bottle. The bottle, with 30ml of capacity, and last drop technology, as indicated by way of claim on the container itself, is decorated with a frosted finish and a black screen printing to match the dropper.

Undoubtedly a product, as the brand affirms, essential for the care of your hands and cuticles. As well as qualitative thanks to its rich composition and its packaging, innovative for this category, while precise and safe, and comfortable to use.  And with premium finishes that fit perfectly with the rest of the brand's range.

And it is that, for hand care, a dropper dispenser container is undoubtedly a good choice.

Emily H. Rudman, founder of the brand, is an American of Korean origin, adopted by white Jewish and Christian parents, who since she was a child saw how good makeup could change the image of a woman. With a long professional career in several cosmetic companies, make-up artist and stylist with studies in business management, she founded the brand. For her, EMILIE HEATHE is a way to tell everyone’s story, including your moods, inner beauty, and strength. It was also a way to showcase the best of yourself for yourself and for yourself alone.

“EMILIE HEATHE is my new artistic medium and I am delighted to create with all of you.”

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