NEW: Cosmetic formulations sensitisation test, an in vitro alternative to HRIPT

Published: 3-May-2022

SGS IDEA LAB, specialising in in vitro regulatory toxicology tests for cosmetic products, is launching the SENS-IS for the cosmetic formulations

Designed for the study of the sensitising potential of ingredients, the SENS-IS test measures the over-expression of biomarkers relevant for sensitisation processes on reconstituted human epidermis. It has improved performance over other in vitro sensitisation assays in predicting hazard and estimating potency of sensitising potential.

More importantly, topical application, on epidermis reconstructed from human cells, makes SENS-IS a test of choice for evaluating the sensitising potential of formulations and, indeed, a promising candidate for an alternative to HRIPT.

To know more about this topic, you can contact us to watch our webinar entitled “NEW cosmetic formulations sensitisation test: an in vitro alternative to HRIPT."

Dr Frederic NUNZI, Ph.D., the presenter, is Doctor in Cell Biology and Microbiology and Eurotox Expert. He performed those functions in the field of rapid and industrial microbiology for 5 years, then the clinical diagnosis for 4 years. Since 2005, Frederic Nunzi is at the head of IDEA LAB, the IDEA TESTS GROUP company dedicated to in vitro tests, recently acquired by SGS, the world’s leading testing, inspection and certification company.

Dr Frederic NUNZI


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