Henkel hires eco-conscious packaging company Colep for hair care brands

By Becky Bargh | Published: 26-Sep-2018

The new lightweight aerosols will be used across Syoss, Indola, Silhouette, Coiffeur and Rilken

Henkel has hired global manufacturing company Colep to develop a lightweight packaging for a selection of its hair care brands.

Colep has developed a number of products across the beauty and personal care sector, including packaging for hair mousses, aftershave balm, body lotions and sun care.

These new aerosols for Henkel brand’s - Syoss, Indola, Silhouette, Coiffeur and Rilken - are said to use more sustainable materials with less packaging, energy and water.

Jose Oliveira, Colep’s Industrial Director of Metal Packaging, said: “Combining mathematical models, process investments and new materials, we are reducing the material consumption in the three metal components.

“In this case, we are reducing the wall thickness of the aerosols by around 22%, using double reduction material - harder material with lower thickness wall - in combination with a new seaming station.”

He continued: “In this way, we can obtain the same performance, mechanical and chemical resistance assuring all the safety requests.”

Meanwhile, Head of Packaging Innovation and Sustainability for Henkel’s Beauty Care division, Philippe Blank, believes the new aerosols will save up to 1,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

He said: “The Syoss hair styling aerosol cans have been reduced by 18% in weight, which is a significant saving associated with the classical 3-piece tinplate can manufacturing process.

“Finally, the new double-reduced tinplate aerosol cans can deliver an important contribution to reach our corporate sustainability goals.

“Our continued commitment to reduce our environmental footprint by teaming up with strategical suppliers to work on sustainable joint development projects has been proven again with Colep.”

Colep’s sustainability mission focuses on manufacturing products in the most efficient way, using minimal resources and maximum value.

Colep’s CEO Vitor Neves also wants to ensure the business is recognised for its values and principles.

He said: “The values are a set of principles that we want our company and our people to be recognised for.

“They represent the principles that guide our behaviours and the way we interact among ourselves and with all our business partners.”

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