Everything you always wanted to know about in vitro toxicology for cosmetics

Published: 29-Mar-2019

Dr Frederic Nunzi, Ph.D., Head of IDEA Lab, the IDEA TESTS GROUP company dedicated to in vitro tests will hold a technical seminar at In Cosmetics 2019 entitled : "Everything you always wanted to know about in vitro toxicology for cosmetics".

This seminar will take place on Tuesday the 2nd of April, from 12:20 to 12:50 in Theatre 3.

Abstract of the Presentation
Since March 2013 and the animal testing ban, the determination of raw material toxicological profile is now based solely on in vitro tests. Various parameters have to be controlled: ocular and skin irritation, phototoxicity, genotoxicity, sensitization, acute toxicity and now endocrine disruption potential.

Due to the continuous progress on alternative methods development, the available tests are numerous and can appear sometimes redundant. Manufacturers have to make a difficult choice between different strategies, more and more complex, in order to evaluate the safety of their products.

This presentation aims to guide them through the intricacies of in vitro regulatory toxicology.

Presenter's biography
Frederic Nunzi is Doctor in Cell Biology and Microbiology and Eurotox Expert.

He performed those functions in the field of rapid and industrial microbiology for 5 years, then the clinical diagnosis for 4 years. Since 2005, Frederic Nunzi is at the head of IDEA Lab. He has overseen the implementation of GLP within IDEA Lab, along with the development of in vitro regulatory toxicology tests.

Contact: f.nunzi@groupeideatests.com

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