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TriBeaute from Japan (Tokyo) develops and supplies unique active ingredients for skincare, haircare and nutrition in the world



TriBeaute offers Unique-sophisticated Natural products, Synthetic Peptides and Biotech active ingredients. Our products are manufactured in each optimized area for raw material to keep high-quality. Also we seek the active efficacy potential by a lot of in vivo, in vitro and clinical studies, we would not compromise for developing each ingredient to draw out its efficacy potential.

Natural: Botanical, Marine resource

Wasabi Flavone: Japanese traditional herb for scalp care and skincare

Soymine: Magical Lifting efficacy for Sagging,from Soy Germ extract

Pineapple Ceramide: Pineapple fruits upcycled material for Suncare

Aurum Blue Rose: New ingredient of Microbialfrola optimizer from Blue Rose

Fermentation: Specialized traditional technology with unique bacteria and methods.

RedoxySense™W: Rice Fermented including Natural Special Peptide for Sensitive skincare

Re:Lameil™: Aqua Oil from natural bio fermentation with physical anti-aging efficacy.

Synthetic: Peptide, Chemical raw material



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