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House of Life is an innovation led multi-award winning British organic skin care brand, specialising in science-backed 100% natural bioactive multi-tasking skin solution, designed for 21st Century high pace lifestyles and clean living. Delivering results fast conveniently, targeting rising & early skin ageing caused by UV, pollution, nutrients deficiency, and stress, while caring for skin foundation. According to scientists, UV represents over 90% of the reasons why skin ages faster, now accelerate when comes into contact with pollution. Our intelligent science-backed bioactive organic skin care formula is carefully created and blended in-house, combining latest science with over 3000 years of hidden practical knowhow and recipes of wild medicinal herbs from the Colchis region, now shared for the first time, and proven by scientists to contain powerful skin nutritions and healing properties that also enhance deep penetration. Our formula is highly concentrated, using only the purest

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House of Life was born out of necessity for a new approach to skin care in the 21st Century. Created by Debbrah Craven, an innovator and entrepreneur at hart, who spent over 2 decades in global product innovations, and after experiencing an episode of top-to-toe toxics overload and an extreme skin reaction, sparked by a ‘trusted’ sun-care brand.

Working with top skin care scientists, and discovering the secret blends of medicinal herbs, proven to contain powerful skin healing compounds and used over 3000 years to heal skin and wounds in the Colchis region, now backed by science, she created and launched her exclusive science-backed organic skin care range, delivering a holistic SKIN HEALTH routine, that aims to build skin resilience and an effective solution against faster skin ageing caused by UV and 21st Century lifestyles, replacing 100% synthetics with the purest best-in-class organic actives, through her ON-SKIN-IN BODY and LESS IS MORE concepts, to help others.

With an active wellness program, she hopes to share her experiences, and ongoing insights in the field of organic science and living, combining ancient knowhow, best-practices, and latest science, to help people thrive in 21st Century changing environments.


House of Life London

A 21st Century approach...

House of Life London
  • Faster skin ageing: Rising skin dryness, sensitivity, blemishes and skin conditions caused by UV, Pollution, Screen time, Lack of Nutrients, and Stress
  • More than hydration: our skin needs more than just hydration
  • Personalised approach: different skin types and fast changing environments need different approaches
  • Busy modern lifestyles: rising demands for a less is more, simplified skin care routine, with higher concentrated active ingredients
  • Sustainability movement, rising demands for ethical environmental conscious sustainable skin care
  • Educated customers: rising demands for healthier, toxins-free, natural, high performing skin care that is backed by science

What science shares...

  • On average a woman is exposed to 551 chemicals (Reuter)
  • A typical moisturiser contains over 30 synthetic chemicals and 400 in perfume(Reuter)
  • Chemicals can penetrate the body and skin through respiratory system (Reuter)
  • Up to 60% of chemicals can penetrates through the skin (British skin cancer)
  • INFLAMMATION is a key contributor to premature ageing
  • UV contributes to over 95% of the reasons why skin ages faster
  • INFRARED represents over 50% of harmful UV rays and penetrates further
  • INFRARED fastens early skin-ageing when comes into contact with POLLUTION
  • Acne, rosacea and eczema are caused by INFLAMMATION
  • 1.5 billion people suffer from some form of acne
  • 1 in every 10 people in the world suffer from rosacea
  • 1 in every 3 cancers diagnosed are skin cancer
  • There are thought to be 3000 or more skin diseases
  • Skin cancers are mainly caused by excessive UV exposures and tanning parlours

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