Claims Support for Cosmetic Products: From regulation to effective implementation

Published: 16-Sep-2019

Cosmetics claims legislation that came into effect in July 2013 is having a profound if not confusing effect on the industry. Many brand owners affected are still unaware of their obligations and the lengths they need to go to reach compliance.

This 3 day intensive seminar brings together international recognized experts in the field of claims development, advertising and the law, to provide an in-depth overview of the fundamentals and understanding of current EU-legislation cosmetic claims requirements compliance and what the future holds.

The focus of the seminar will be to provide the claims development principles and basics as they relate to the legislation in a concise yet comprehensive way.

Practical demonstrations at the end of the workshop will complement the lectures and further the understanding of claims development as well as a number of investigative techniques that are utilized to evaluate product efficacy.


Day 1, Live Demonstrations at proDERM Institute

  • Under the Sun: SPF: static and water-resistant, UVA-Protection and anti-inflammatory claims
  • Wet and Smelly: Hot Room and Sniff Testing for evaluation of antiperspirants and deodorants
  • Defying Age: How to evaluate wrinkles and other age-related parameters.

Day 2, Session 1: Claims and the Consumer

  • Claims Today - What They Are, And Where You Find Them | Theresa Callaghan
  • Understanding What the Consumer Really Thinks of Claims | Erik Schipper

Day 2, Session 2: Claims - Old and new Challenges

  • The World of Consumer Testing | Shazia Ginai
  • The Microbiome - A 21st Century Claims Challenge | Harald van der Hoeven

Day 2, Session 3: Where to get the data

  • Designing And Using 'The Clinical Trial' For Claims | Stephan Bielfeldt
  • How to Choose the Correct Test | Sylvia Zebrowski

Day 2, Team Exercise: Build your claim

  • Claim generation Workshop

Day 3, Session 4: Rules, Regulations and Review (3 R‘s)

  • The 'Free From' Dilemma | Emma Meredith
  • Will Legislation Change What We Can Claim | Emma Meredith
  • The Challenges Facing The Responsible Person | Jack Burgess

Day 3, Session 5: Making Impact: Seals, Endorsements, TV Advertising

  • Seals & Endorsements - Increasing The Bottom Line | Klaus-P. Wilhelm
  • Claims And Advertising – How Do They Make Those Claims? Chris Gummer

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