Beiersdorf accelerates active ingredients research using AI technology

By Becky Bargh | Published: 13-Jan-2020

The technology, developed by Insilico Medicine, will be applied to Beiersdorf’s computer-simulated skin research

The company behind Nivea and La Prairie, Beiersdorf, has entered a partnership with biotech company Insilico Medicine to discover new active ingredients using AI.

The collaboration is part of Beiersdorf’s Open Innovation initiative to build long-term relationships with global institutions in order to find new skin care solutions.

Insilico Medicine’s technology will be applied to Beiersdorf’s computer-simulated skin research.

“As part of our Open Innovation culture, we are always looking for new technologies and partners with strengths that complement ours,” said May Shana’a, Beiersdorf’s Senior Corporate VP, Research and Development.

“We are delighted to now be working with Insilico Medicine as a veritable expert when it comes to artificial intelligence.”

According to Shana’a, the technology will allow Beiersdorf to evaluate active ingredients faster and more efficiently “by simulating biological effects in silico”.

Meanwhile, Alex Zhavoronkov, Insilico Medicine’s CEO, said the collaboration holds great potential for both companies.

“We worked with many consumer companies in the past and in my opinion, Beiersdorf became an undisputed leader in the area of skin research, as well as in digital technologies in recent decades.”

He added: “We are delighted that they have recognised the potential of AI early on and hope to demonstrate the power of AI going forward in our collaboration.”

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