Bangkok-bound: Hallstar’s sun care, active naturals, formulations and more

Published: 2-Oct-2019

With our extensive expertise in photostabilization science, oil-extracted eco-actives innovation and functional naturals development, Hallstar Beauty has been making its mark in the ASPAC region.

We’re looking forward to meeting existing customers and new friends at in-cosmetics Asia.

Several of the latest technologies from Hallstar’s global product development team will be featured at the Bangkok show:

  • Hallstar Beauty President Dr. Robert Hu will conduct a technical seminar on inorganic sunscreens and Hallstar photostabilisation. Hallstar was one of the first companies to discover the photodegradation of Avobenzone and dedicated many years of research to developing a range of solutions to stabilize it. The result was cutting-edge photostabilization products such as SolaStay S1, Polycrylene, and the new China-compliant photostabilizer AvoBrite.However, while the photodegradation of organic UV filters is commonly understood, the photoactive risks associated with inorganic UV filters using metal oxides have not been widely publicized. Hallstar provides reliable technology to protect both organic and inorganic sunscreen filters
  • Launched in April 2019, Sensolene Light ET is the first active emollient unifying two concepts: olive oil-derived ‘dermollient’ benefits and the unique anti-oxidant power of olive leaves’ phytomolecules. Come by our booth (C50) or visit the Innovation Zone so you can feel this remarkable new functional ingredient for yourself. Its unexpectedly dry, light sensoriality and its substantiated claims have been delighting customers.
  • Hallstar will also feature our remarkable formulation capabilities and understanding of market trends by unveiling our latest prototype collection, ‘Transparent Beauty:’ unique formulations with eco-friendly supply chains, multi-functional efficacy (i.e., no fillers), and clean, natural sensoriality ... and without ingredients that beauty consumers increasingly avoid such as parabens, sulphates, phthalates and BHT.

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