Altuglas and NatureWorks to collaborate on biopolymer alloys

Published: 11-Dec-2012

The new materials will be marketed as Plexiglas and Altuglas Rnew biopolymer alloys

Arkema subsidiary Altuglas International has signed a global marketing deal with NatureWorks to deliver a range of newly formulated bio-based, high performance alloys based on polymethylmethacrylate and NatureWorks’ Ingeo biopolymers.

Altuglas produces the Plexiglas and Altuglas acrylic resins and the new materials will be marketed by Altuglas as Plexiglas/Altuglas Rnew biopolymer alloys. The new range of resins will provide customisable formulating latitude with exceptional impact- and chemical-resistance properties, according to the companies, adding that they will also feature lower processing temperatures and greater melt flow properties without compromising the optics, scratch resistance, colour acceptance or surface aesthetics for which the Plexiglas and Altuglas products are known.

The companies will pool resources to accelerate the introduction of the high performance alloys onto the market, with their primary marketing efforts focusing on durable goods applications including cosmetic packaging.

“By combining our respective reputations and strengths in biopolymers and acrylics, NatureWorks and Altuglas International will co-market clear materials that offer a complete package of innovative product performance,” said Marc Verbruggen, president and ceo of NatureWorks. “This is exactly what Ingeo was designed to offer.”

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