wesource addresses the wild beauty trend


In its new “Inspifactory series” dedicated to niche trends and active science, wesource - Seppic brand for its cosmetic active ingredients - addresses the wild beauty and offers Sakadikium

In the wake of the clean beauty, a new trend plunges even further into consumers' quest for naturalness: it’s the wild beauty.

Indeed, new cosmetic brands bet on plant-based ingredients from wild picking to take care of the skin. These botanical ingredients are obtained from plants that quietly grow in their natural habitat and are sustainably picked into the wild.

Thus, this respect of the natural cycle of plant growth appeals to consumers, in their quest for reconnecting to Nature.

In Madagascar, in the primary region of Analamanga, also called the Blue Forest, a wetland forest covered by eucalyptus, there is a rich biodiversity, where the wild butterfly ginger or Hedychium coronarium grows.

This plant with beautiful butterfly-shaped white flowers is invasive and spreads by its rhizomes.

The ethnobotanists of wesource work hand in hand with local partners and the population to sustainably harvest these rhizomes.

wesource addresses the wild beauty trend

First, prior to the collection, an official permission is annually obtained from the local authorities. Then, over a short period of time, the rhizomes are carefully picked by hand to ensure its own natural renewal.

Finally, the picking area is audited according to the Ecocert Organic Standard.

From the wild rhizomes, our scientists obtained Sakadikium, a botanical sugar concentrate. It’s a skin multi-protector active ingredient as it protects the skin against UV rays, IR, blue light and pollution. It also visibly improves skin brightness.

This is how wesource offers a traceable, sustainable and wildcrafted cosmetic active ingredient to empower beauty.

Find out more about Sakadikium here.

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