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Five years ago in-cosmetics created Amazonia as its first in-focus, embracing ethical innovation as well as naturals and organics. in-focus returns to the theme with sustainable development this year and finds industry progress has been phenomenal

Five years ago in-cosmetics created Amazonia as its first in-focus, embracing ethical innovation as well as naturals and organics. in-focus returns to the theme with sustainable development this year and finds industry progress has been phenomenal

Sustainable development has often been perceived as a call to end growth and progress. But the adjective ‘sustainable’ does not diminish the meaning of the word ‘development’. Sustainable development is actually one of the most promising drivers of innovation. It calls for new solutions, new raw materials, new chemistry and new processes. Above all, it adds to the intrinsic value of innovation. Rather than being limited to better performance or new functions, sustainable innovation leads to more rational economies – safer products obtained at lower costs with a better management of resources and waste.

And that’s why suppliers and manufacturers have taken radical steps impacting new product development as well as their marketing policies.

Objective information and a new degree of transparency are transforming brand communication and a complete revolution is now at work.

The in-focus programme provides the opportunity to explore the new technologies and territories of sustainable innovation. The feature area will present eight projects illustrating three dimensions of sustainable development.

Ethical sourcing – getting the global picture

Beraca, this year’s in-focus sponsor, will present a project illustrating how sustainable development is radically modifying the relationships between brands and suppliers. Sourcing a vegetable raw material from the rainforest impacts the delicate balance of an eco-system and engages cultures unfamiliar with one another. A responsible approach demands a new type of commitment.

With over 50 years’ experience in Brazil, Beraca has developed a unique know-how enabling the company to interconnect the needs of nature, traditional cultures and contemporary science.

New ingredients – rethink natural!

Whilst referring to sustainable development, the emphasis has been put on natural ingredients, but chemistry and bio-engineering are also at the forefront. Concepts such as plant cell cultures, enzymatic processes and synthesis of nature identical molecules will open new possibilities for energy savings and cleaner industrial processes.

Major players are now implementing new tools to select new ingredients and raw materials according to their potential effect on the environment. The coupling of databases and dedicated software even allow scientists to anticipate the potential interest of new molecules.

IRB, Evonik and Merck will show how these technologies may inspire new product concepts – but they will also trigger disturbing new questions. Why go to the other side of the planet to cultivate plants when their cells can produce the exact same molecule in a lab?

Eco-design – new principles of innovation

The proper implementation of eco-design is expected to not only be the source of greater efficiency but also of greater consumer acceptability. Initiatives such as the Grenelle de l’Environnement or the Carbon Disclosure Project indicate that sustainable development will no longer be a set of vague principles. The environmental impact of products will become the subject of objective information for consumers and shareholders, and will become a key factor in investment and purchasing decisions.

At in-cosmetics, Croda, Sinerga, Aldivia and Solabia will display product concepts illustrating how combining emerging technologies and product philosophies may lead to new textures and products.

Croda will present three collections of formulas, integrating different levels of patented green technologies and demonstrating the potential of eco-designed cosmetics in terms of texture and efficacy.

Sinerga has teamed up with a supplier of sustainable packaging and will showcase a complete product concept based on a new cold process emulsifying system.

Aldivia will address the question of energy and water in the formulation of shampoos.

Meanwhile, Solabia will share a fully integrated approach to eco-design, from plant sourcing to skin care strategies.

The chemistry behind formulating new beauty

2011 will be the International Year of Chemistry, an IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) and UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) initiative. in-focus will show how chemistry will be one of the most important disciplines to help our industry take up the challenge of sustainable development. Chemistry will allow us to understand, measure and evaluate the impact of new substances in the environment. It will facilitate the understanding of nature down to a molecular level and help us find safer, more efficient solutions.

Our industry is the product of modern chemistry and chemistry will take it to the next level. in-focus 2011 will show how suppliers and brands are working not only to reduce their impact on the environment but to generate a positive one.

in-focus round table discussions
Share the visions of experts from leading brands including Aveda, P&G and L’Oréal
Tuesday 29 March
14.45 -15.45 Life cycle analysis – Choosing the right indicators
Wednesday 30 March
14.00 - 14.30 Communicating sustainability with transparency
14.45 - 15.45 Eco-design – Achieving a positive environmental impact (keynote, Filipe Sabará, Beraca)

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