World’s first biodegradable holographic glitter hits market

By Julia Wray 16-Mar-2022

Ronald Britton’s Bioglitter HOLO bolsters the supplier’s sustainable range

Sparkle just got sustainable with the announcement of the world’s first freshwater-biodegradable holographic glitter.

Made by UK-based company Ronald Britton, the new range, called Bioglitter HOLO, is said to answer the need for a glitter product which is holographic while safe for the environment.

It joins the existing pillars in Ronald Britton’s Bioglitter line-up – Bioglitter SPARKLE and Bioglitter PURE – for a trio of effects.

Bioglitter HOLO is available as a Cosmetic range, for leave-on and rinse-off applications, as well as a Craft one.

It has undergone testing to be certified ‘OK biodegradable WATER’ by TÜV Austria, the highest level of certification possible.

The testing proves the material does not break down into microplastics.

Visually, Bioglitter HOLO splits light into its individual component parts for a brilliant rainbow effect.

Andrew Thompson, Technical Director at Ronald Britton, said: “Being able to differentiate Bioglitter from other glitter is becoming increasingly important for manufacturers as customers become more aware of the environmental impacts of ‘traditional’ glitter.

“And we’re proud to offer all our customers that peace of mind when they see the Ronald Britton’s registered Bioglitter logos on products made with Bioglitter, which is now common on the high street and with big brands.

“Developing Bioglitter HOLO has been the most challenging product development yet, almost four years in the making.

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“Needless to say, we’re delighted with what we have achieved, and to see it come to market with such high anticipation.”


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