Why one size doesn't fit all in mature beauty


Over-50 consumers are often lumped into one category – but is this right and what can brands do instead?

With consumers living longer than ever, it’s time to stop grouping everyone over 60 in one category, says Shinji Yamada, Corporate PR Manager at Kanebo....

Shinji Yamada

Shinji Yamada

What are 60+ consumers looking for in their skin care?
The baby boomer generation in Japan is very active, very healthy and conscious of their appearance. They seek quality products that transcend a mere functional level and have a feeling of prestige. The baby boomer generation has been at the centre of mass consumption ever since coming of age in the 1960s, and is reluctant to trade down to lesser products.

How has Kanebo been targeting these consumers?
We launched Twany Glow – a skin care line targeting women in their 60s. It was launched to respond to the particular needs of these women. Before, women over 50 were all lumped together into a ‘mature generation’ group. However, we have realised that this group is quite heterogeneous in terms of their skin needs, attitude, lifestyle and disposable incomes. We have focused on local stores with an emphasis on consultations.

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How does Twany Glow differ to other Kanebo ranges?
The products in the Twany Glow range focus on the particular skin characteristics of 60+ consumers, who typically have lower sebum content and temperature than those aged 50+. According to our research, the signs of ageing in this type of skin cannot be adequately addressed by focusing chiefly on moisture supply. Twany Glow contains a selection of naturally-derived oils that parallel sebum and lipids.


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