Why beauty packaging applicators are more important than ever


A beauty product is at its best when it achieves a seamless fusion between the sensory and the practical, reports Des King

Why beauty packaging applicators are more important than ever

When it comes to developing new methods of applying cosmetics, evolution rather than revolution is more likely to dictate the direction of travel adopted by the packaging industry.

This is in part because of the frequently protracted timeframe within which a new applicator technology might progress from initial concept to store shelves, often due to the common-sense principle of ‘leaving well alone’ something that already works effectively, says Vetroplas Packaging Sales Director Simon Dix.

“Brands think that innovation and change drive sales. There is such constant demand from them to come up with something new in order to stand out and differentiate.

But to be genuinely innovative is very difficult; a lot of it is often variation on a ...

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