What is epigenetics and how is it relevant to beauty?


Epigenetics – the study of heritable changes in gene function – is not just facilitating breakthroughs in the fight against diseases; the field is just as relevant to the beauty industry, as Fred Zülli explains

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Here Fred Zülli discusses epigenetics, how your parents’ bad habits can contribute to your ageing and the cutting-edge cosmetic active ingredients that are possible thanks to the study of heritable changes in gene function.

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Fred Zülli

Fred Zülli

Fred Zülli, Managing Director, Mibelle Biochemistry

Your health is largely thanks to your genes, which are passed on to your children.

So far, so good. However, for a few years now, epidemiological studies have been indicating that this is not quite the whole story.

We have known for a long time that an unhealthy lifestyle with a poor diet, stress and too little exercise can make you ill.

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The latest research now shows that the ...

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