What is co-wash and how can you make the perfect formula for non-drying hair cleansing?


The right emulsifier system is key to creating a co-wash product to treat natural hair, as Aisha Nuhu explains

Co-wash is an excellent choice for consumers with curly hair types for whom traditional shampoos can be too harsh and drying.

In this article, Aisha Nuhu, Development Chemist at Alchemy Ingredients, gives her top tips on creating a co-wash with sulfate, silicone and PEG-free claims that results in clean, soft curls.

And, as it turns out, the trick is in your emulsifier selection.

Co-wash – what is it and how do you make it? If you are unfamiliar with the term, co-washing is the act of washing your hair with conditioner only, or low surfactant-based systems.

Although not a new concept, co-washing has gained popularity with the rise of consumers embracing their natural hair texture. Traditional shampoos can be too harsh for curly hair, stripping it of its natural oils, leaving hair dry, frizzy and unruly.

The co-wash pudding developed by Alchemy Ingredients combats this. Designed particularly with curly hair in mind, this gentle co-wash not only cleanses the hair, but leaves it feeling nourished and moisturised too.


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