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Emulsifiers are the essential backbone to crafting your personal care formulation

Emulsifiers are the essential backbone to crafting your “perfect” personal care formulation. One that will meet the challenge of giving beauty consumers a product that makes them feel good in every way.

With exceptional personal care sensations and product responsibility that rise above the rest.

But it can be a daunting task to find the emulsifier that will give you the right supporting frame and stability to handle today’s complex formulations, to carry a cascade of multiple sensory effects, and create thrilling textures and exciting formats. And let’s not forget the high RCI to keep things natural.

This November 4, our experts hosted two live webinars to help bring clarity and convenience to this crucial part of the cosmetic design process.

We will explain what emulsifiers must provide in today’s personal care formulations. We’ll present the properties that are essential for their selection. And offer a user-friendly overview of our products that helps you make the right pick.

So whether it’s an oil-in-water or water-in-oil emulsion, you’ll feel well equipped to find the perfect fit for bringing out performance qualities and a powerful sensory experience packed with consumer appeal.

Click here watch our on demand webinar covering the following:

  • Getting a holistic view of the Clariant porfolio in relation to benchmarks
  • Being one of the first to tour the new selection tool helping you find the right ingredient for your next formulation
  • Hearing from our formulation experts how you can achieve distinct sensory effects.
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