Wacker invests €26m in German silicone production site


The company has expanded its production capacity for functional silicone fluids

Wacker, a German chemicals company that supplies the cosmetics and personal care industry among others, has revealed a sizeable investment in its functional silicone fluid production capacity.

The company has invested approximately €26m in order to expand its capacity at its Burghausen site in Germany. It is anticipated that through the expansion the plant’s total production capacity will increase by roughly 70%.

Hacker President and CEO Rudolf Staudigl, said: “The completion of our polysilicon production site in Tennessee has essentially concluded our investment in full-scale plants for the manufacture of precursors. We are now focusing on plants for intermediates, sales products and specialty products.” He added: “Thanks to the expansion, we have sufficient production capacity in Burghausen to meet the rising global demand for versatile silicone fluids and emulsions.”

Highly specialised functional silicone fluids are made from precursor siloxane and other raw materials. These fluids are common starting materials for antifoam, impregnating and release agents and for additives for making cosmetics such as conditioner, foundation or serum.

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