Vytrus Biotech and GAIKER Technology Centre gain €500k to develop skin treatments


The Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation has provided a €334,000 loan and a €160,000 non-refundable grant towards the companies’ Retos project

The Ministry of Science and Innovation in Spain has granted a loan of €334,000 to plant stem cell culture specialist Vytrus Biotech and a non-refundable grant of €160,000 to GAIKER Technology Centre to facilitate the companies’ three-year project developing plant-based skin treatments.

Set up to find solutions to skin pathologies, the ‘Retos’ project will encompass the design of active ingredients rich in anti-quormones, which disarm bacteria by hacking their communication systems in a defence system similar to that of plants.

To test these cosmetic active ingredients created by Vytrus Biotech, GAIKER will develop human skin models that do not currently exist on the market and which will allow the study of different applications of interest.

In this way, the project aims to develop postbiotic products of natural origin for cosmetic applications for sensitive skin, for example, says Vytrus Biotech.

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Products created as a result of the Retos project will be commercialised via Vytrus Biotech.

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