Vital drops of beauty : Essential natural active ingredients for cell revival


This new conception of care leads to consider the body in its entirety and to try to understand its functioning.

The existing trend tending to blur the frontier between beauty and health has been accentuated with the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led consumers to reconsider the place of science in the universe of cosmetics.

This new conception of care leads to consider the body in its entirety and to try to understand its functioning and specificities to better respond to its needs.

Combined with scientific thought, this approach to health “from the inside” is applicable at the scale of the invisible and so involves responding to the essential needs of the cells composing our skin.

Faced with these elements, SILAB proposes “Vital drops of beauty”, a selection of four natural active ingredients composed of molecules that are indispensable for the vitality of skin cells (sugars, peptides, etc.).

They provide an adapted and personalised response to the basic needs of skin cells and thereby actively participate in the regulation of their metabolism without depleting their resources.

Stimulate cell dynamism with oxygen and energy

Providing the skin with oxygen plays a unique role because it furnishes the essential fuel for the production of energy by cells.

OXYGESKIN mobilises oxygen sensing HIF-1α (Hypoxia-inducible factor 1α) and its transport via cytoglobin, thereby revitalising asphyxiated skin by acting as deep respiration in the heart of skin cells.

As a result of a multi-target protective action, this active ingredient obtained from garden nasturtium improves the quality of the skin barrier and of the dermis damaged by blue light, leading to skin that is smoother, better hydrated and more radiant.

Protect cells from nutritional deficiencies to vitalise their metabolism

An insufficient supply of certain nutrients reduces the metabolic capacities of skin cells and causes premature aging of the skin.

NUTRIPEPTIDES compensates nutritional deficiencies of skin cells by the supply of rapidly assimilable nitrogen and numerous combinations of amino acids, thereby maintaining the equilibrium required for cellular dietetics and favouring their metabolism.

This natural active ingredient composed of rice di- and tripeptides promotes the formation of a functional epidermis and dermis, and activates mechanisms of defence against stress for skin that is more tonic, more radiant and smoother.

Detoxify and increase the longevity of cells by boosting proteostasis

Maintaining protein homeostasis, or proteostasis, is a mechanism that preserves the metabolic activity of cells.

ERISIUM preserves good health, thereby maintaining protein equilibrium in the heart of skin cells for an anti-wrinkle and radiance boosting effect.

This natural active ingredient obtained from a rice co-product reactivates the Unfolded protein response (UPR), thereby limiting the inflammaging process, restoring matrix dynamics and providing an anti-aging effect.

Activate the sensory receptors of cutaneous cells to boost skin regeneration

Stimulated by beauty rituals, the senses can also be awakened in the skin through surprising biological activity.

By activating the epidermal sensory receptors that are deregulated during aging, SENSORIALINE awakens the senses, promotes skin regeneration and ensures that a robust and effective barrier function is maintained over time.

This natural active ingredient, derived from coconut, increases hydration of the skin and significantly revives its radiance. The skin is visibly smoother, more hydrated and more comfortable.

To address the new approach to beauty, combining efficacy and naturality as well as growing convictions in terms of health, safety and well-being, SILAB has chosen to focus on essential needs of cells.

Fill cells with energy and nutrients, stimulate the mechanisms of detoxification and augment the comfort of skin are a set of responses oriented towards a current state of mind: the need for vitality and sensory escape.

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