Virospack's Dropper for CBD awarded the Best innovation 2019

Virospack's commitment to innovation consolidates the company as the driver of the sector

Every year, Virospack presents new proposals that combine design with functionality. These new developments generate trends, as they respond to the needs of brands, and even anticipate them, as is the case of its award winning dropper for CBD

Virospack's CBD Dropper is the safest dropper on the market, the first of its kind and unique for its child-resistant certification.

With its stylish look and high-quality finishes, the dropper is fully customisable in addition to benefiting from special safety features, including a safe-lock system.

This special system meets the necessary security measures for those products that contain certain active ingredients, which by law must be packaged in compliance with more stringent regulations.

This point is really important in some countries, like the US, and for cosmetics with CBD or THC, one of the main trends in beauty treatments this year.

Virospack's new sealing closure requires users to press down and turn, thus making it more difficult for children to open and therefore offering greater protection.

This new development is well-valued by the sector and brands for which the company is already producing this new dropper. It's a well-valued proposal and thus has been recognised as such through its recent award at Cosmoprof Hong Kong, one of the industry's most important international events.

A prestigious, professional jury chose the Dropper for CBD by Virospack as the Best Innovation in Packaging for Skin Care, 2019.

Joanna Milne, Virospack US and Asia Sales Manager collected the prize at the Awards Ceremony that took place on November 13 in Hong Kong.

The Dropper for CBD:

  • Cosmetic dropper with a special safety closing system
  • New in cosmetics packaging
  • Developed in response to current needs and regulations of the beauty industry
  • Specially designed to protect the young children from product misuse; as well as for cosmetics which are formulated with ingredients that by legislation need tighter security
  • Totally customizable and compatible with 20/410 neck bottles.

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