Virospack developed a customised packaging for new Nuxe Super Serum [10]


The Super Serum [10] is packaged in a full dropper dispenser pack by Virospack

Do you know Super Serum [10] by Nuxe?

We are talking about The Universal Age-Defying Concentrate, a fusion of Laboratoire NUXE's expertise in botanical oils and anti-ageing skin care, a serum infused with natural hyaluronic acid and thousands of micro-spheres of fractionated botanical oils. It stimulates the skin’s youth mechanisms for extraordinary anti-ageing effectiveness.

It's a super concentrate product launched few months ago, and about which all beauty media have been talking a lot in both, press and social media, in the last months.

The Super Serum [10] is packaged in a full dropper dispenser pack by Virospack, because only some drops are enough for an instant anti-ageing correction. From the first drops, skin appears transformed: smoothed, replumped and luminous, and the Virospack's dropper ensures its precise dosage and application.

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Virospack offers a large catalogue and customisation of its packaging. The final pack, totally customised for the brand, suits the image, needs and desires of Nuxe, and it's composed of:

  • A push-button dropper composed of a body and an actuator with gold metal shell and a transparent glass pipette, for precise delivery to the right dose of product and safe application, a very high-end cosmetic result. The dropper is totally personalized for Nuxe with custom logo printing on its button, and a custom metallic colour
  • A moulded glass bottle - a 100% infinitely recyclable material - with 30ml of capacity. A high-quality glass with weight at the bottom for a more premium result and feeling. A bottle revealing the botanical gold texture in a beautiful transparency effect. The finish of the bottle with screen printing in a custom green for the brand
  • The pack is completed with a wiper that fits perfectly into the neck of the bottle and ensures that the pipette is always clean after each use.

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