Vida Glow invests in world-class supply chain as beauty pioneers


Vida Glow reveals the investments that have allowed them to forge a path forward and stay ahead of the pack

How do you become a beauty innovator with global reach in just six years? Vida Glow reveals the investments that have allowed them to forge a path forward and stay ahead of the pack.

Growing at a rapid pace, Vida Glow is currently the number one marine collagen brand in the world with one unit selling every four seconds. An early adopter in the ingestible beauty category, the brand has set its sights on being a world leader in innovative beauty solutions.

When Vida Glow first launched in 2014, the ingestible beauty space was relatively non-existent. Their growth came organically, and as the category grew crowded, Vida Glow set themselves apart with an investment in technology and rigorous quality controls. Ultimately, resulting in a better product with an impressive track record for results.

Quality and innovation are so deeply entwined in Vida Glow’s DNA, it plays a role in every aspect of the business – from the selection of raw materials and processing protocols to the packing, storage and shipping methods.

Kieran Lahey, CEO

Kieran Lahey, CEO

In fact, more than 300 quality control checks and tests are performed on Vida Glow products by the time they arrive in the hands of a customer. CEO Kieran Lahey’s commitment to creating a world-class supply chain ensures the products Vida Glow shares with the world are not just safe to use, but deliver results customers have come to expect from the brand.

Going to great lengths to ensure well-managed, natural and renewable resources, Vida Glow’s best-selling marine collagen range is derived from carefully selected fish skin that’s sustainably sourced from a variety of wild and responsibly caught fish suppliers, who are all approved under European Regulations.

These standards create a well-rounded product with the right amino acid profile to positively influence collagen production. As the demand for Vida Glow has grown, these standards have also helped to avoid placing too much demand on a single species or disrupting delicate marine ecosystems.

Vida Glow shines not just in how they source their raw materials, but the technologies they apply that set their ingredients apart. Utilising the latest science, their marine collagen range undergoes an enzymatic hydrolysation process in a laboratory in France.

It’s here that their raw collagen with a molecular weight of 300,000 Daltons gets broken down and transformed into peptides measuring as low as 2,000 Daltons. The combination of high-quality materials and cutting edge technology results in superior bioavailability with an absorption rate of over 90%.

Vida Glow invests in world-class supply chain as beauty pioneers

Delivering the highest quality marine collagen available, every batch undergoes stringent quality control checks that guarantee the freshness of raw materials and optimal physical status, including the right nutritional, molecular weight and taste profiles.

From start to finish, the product undergoes multiple rounds of purity testing for pollutants, microbes, bacteria and over 30 heavy metals such as mercury, lead and arsenic. These quality checks are put in place to confirm Vida Glow’s formulas meet all standards across a range of criteria set by international regulatory agencies - from purity to potency.

As Vida Glow’s customer base expanded beyond the Australian market, the business has worked hard to create an international distribution network that upholds the integrity of its products. Working with GMP, FDA and TGA accredited facilities ensure Vida Glow products are handled with care, meeting quality regulations that are among the toughest in the world.

Temperature-controlled shipping methods ensure orders are delivered quickly without impacting efficacy. This is all to say that Vida Glow cares a great deal about the experience they are able to provide customers.

Vida Glow invests in world-class supply chain as beauty pioneers

With sights always on the future, Lahey has invested heavily in clinical studies, validating Vida Glow’s efficacy and shaking up an industry sorely lacking clinical substantiation.

The brand’s latest releases include a rapid absorption effervescent called Anti-G-Ox that fights premature ageing, and a pioneering liquid hyaluronic acid supplement called Hyaluronic Complex that hydrates skin from the inside out. Both nod to the direction that Vida Glow is setting, staying ahead of the curve with targeted beauty solutions in every format and delivery system.

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