Víctor Toro sets exciting new benchmark in the luxury hair care sector


Víctor Toro is a Spanish luxury natural hair care brand proudly created by renowned stylist and hairdresser of the same name

Víctor Toro is a celebrated Spanish stylist with decades of professional experience. Victor's style is based on his unique vision of how hair should look, feel and move to enhance each client's own style, highlighting their natural beauty.

Throughout his career, Víctor has worked both on catwalks and for major fashion publishers such as: Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, Elle and Cosmopolitan.

Together with his sister Eva and brother José, Victor has created a network of highly successful salons in Spain. Salons that are revered for their truly holistic creative approach, but always avant-garde in style frequented by models, celebrities, and influencers.

After experimenting with different brands looking for products that achieved the desired results, Víctor decided that the time had come to create his own line of hair products, starting a new chapter in his career.

From the very beginning of the development, Víctor insisted that the products should not only be luxurious, but must be natural, offering an innovative proposal in line with the needs of the current consumer.

Like Victor, the hair care brand Víctor Toro also has several facets. It is a complex, harmonious combination of nature, technology, high efficiency, craftsmanship and luxury achieved after decades of experience in his illustrious styling career.

The brand Víctor Toro establishes an exciting new benchmark in the luxury haircare sector, opting for the natural, innovation and high efficiency, with a clear focus on wellbeing for both consumer and the environment.

Botanical revoloution based on circadian rhythms

Víctor Toro products and treatments are a unique solution for the hair care sector with a formulation based on the principles of circadian rhythms of the body that work body and mind due to the strong presence of the natural holistic approach.

The frenetic pace of life subjects the body to constant stresses that unbalance the 24-hour natural cycle of the body's cells. B-Circadin is a revolutionary active ingredient, present throughout the Víctor Toro collection, responsible for resynchronising the circadian rhythm.

Inspired by the 2017 Nobel Prize in Medicine, this botanical extract resynchronises the cells in the circadian rhythm. Scalp and hair follow a 24-hour rhythmic program, hydrating during the day and repairing at night.

This innovative active ingredient helps to resynchronise the cells biological clock, restoring the perfect balance for both hair and scalp. A real scoop for the hair care sector.

The result is a collection of exclusive natural products and treatments that combine innovation and tradition whilst respecting the wellbeing of consumers and the environment.

Excellence and sustainability in formulation, packaging and manufacturing

Víctor Toro products have been developed based on the most cutting-edge technology, excellence in manufacturing practices and a genuine social responsibility./

  • Every facet of product development and manufacturing has been examined to reduce the impact on the environment, especially having wellbeing as its key brand pillar and at the forefront of its brand values
  • It has invested in the development of natural formulas:
  • Clean and caring to the hair and scalp
  • Free of sulphates and silicones
  • Vegan and animal abuse-free
  • It has opted for biodegradable, environmentally friendly and easily recycled packaging.

One of the key natural active ingredients throughout the Víctor Toro range comes from a small community of producers at Fairtrade in Vietnam, which ensures that money from selling this ingredient is returned directly to the community.

Global hair care

Víctor Toro returns the elegance and glamour to the ritual of hair care thanks to its delicate and enveloping fragrances and its treatments that offer a holistic wellbeing to balance body and mind and beautify the hair.

Víctor Toro presents a collection of natural haircare products carefully developed for the care of all hair types and concerns. Products that use natural and innovative active ingredients to intensely treat promoting a healthier scalp and hair.

At the same time, they repair and rebalance, both internally and externally. Strengthening and protecting the hair and scalp, providing new manageability, enhancing its natural shine, vitality and movement, whilst fighting the ageing process.

Víctor Toro is a gender-neutral, inclusive brand.

The brand has developed its ranges based on the fact that each person has different needs, there is no unique and generic ritual for hair care, but several, which always adapt to the vital moment of each and everyone.


This powerful yet gentle enzyme scrub prepares the scalp with a gentle exfoliation, removing toxins, impurities and dead skin cells. In addition, it restores the natural balance of the scalp’s microbiota health, moisturising and reducing irritations with its anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants and sebum-regulators. It also helps to slows, prevents and reverses signs of hair loss.


For volumising. The detoxification and rebalancing properties will improve the health of the hair and scalp, revitalizing it and giving it more volume and thickness. Combining amongst its active ingredients are ProCutiGen, a derivative of the chia protein, responsible for softening and moisturising the hair, and plantisil, a derivative of olive oil, which provides a soft and silky (non-greasy) appearance, as an alternative to silicones.

Designed for fine, thinning fragile hair, damaged by the passage of time and that has lost volume.


For regenerating. Treats hair directly from its origin, the hair follicle, to stimulate and strengthen hair growth, acting against hair ageing and hair loss. It ensures that both hair and scalp enjoy optimal health, giving hair a healthier regenerated look, with more strength, shine and movement.

Among its active ingredients is curcumalonga, an excellent source of regenerative properties and Rosemary extract known for its stimulating benefits. Designed for damaged, aged, dull and lifeless hair, including hair loss.


For hydration. An instant infusion of natural active ingredients and glacial water that provides the hair and scalp with the all-important hydration and nutrition needed to restore the hair to its youthful appearance.

The active ingredient genencare, extracted directly from beetroot, improves the internal structure of the hair and reduces split ends and frizz. Specially formulated for dry, treated, damaged hair and those with sensitive or irritated scalps.


A multifunctional hair serum, provides protection, vitality and extra shine to the hair. A non-greasy, silicone-free formula that provides wonderful protection to the hair fibre thanks to abysoft, a botanical active ingredient originating in East Africa, while macadamia extract and rice oil moisturise and intensely repair hair for a silky, soft and frizz-free finish with an unprecedented shine.

The ultimate luxury serum for all hair types.

With natural and revolutionary active ingredients, respectful and innovative formulations, luxurious textures, memorable fragrances, and minimalistic elegance in packaging, making Víctor Toro a pioneer in natural hair care, with its holistic wellbeing vision responding to the genuine hair care needs of the 21st century. Víctor Toro - Simply natural hair care.

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