Vantage expands global jojoba capabilities


Further strengthening its reliability and sustainability commitment

Vantage is pleased to announce the opening of a new jojoba seed crushing facility located near its jojoba farm in Argentina. The construction of this facility further expands the company’s jojoba oil extraction capabilities, and re-affirms its commitment to being a reliable global supplier. It allows Vantage to continue meeting the fast-growing, worldwide customer demand for jojoba-based sustainable beauty ingredients.

Vantage became a majority owner of the Argentina jojoba farm, one of the world’s largest, in 2015. The company also owns two other large jojoba farms, and a nearby seed crushing facility, in the US (Arizona) that were acquired in 2012 and 2016.

World’s only vertically-integrated jojoba supply chain

Vantage is the world’s largest jojoba grower and ingredient producer, with a leading global supplier position in jojoba-based ingredients for the beauty market. It is the only vertically-integrated company that owns every step in the jojoba supply chain -- from farming to oil extraction to derivatives production.

Vantage offers a broad range of high quality jojoba ingredients, Desert Whale Jojoba Oil & Derivatives, based on pure jojoba oil that is sustainably, responsibly and securely sourced from Vantage’s own farms in the US and Argentina. Derived from the seed of the jojoba shrub, ultra-nourishing jojoba oil features wax esters (lipids) not found in any other plant-based oil in the world. The Desert Whale range includes: jojoba oil; a collection of biodegradable exfoliants -- perfect alternatives to polyethylene beads; and many natural jojoba derivatives.

Commitment to secure supply + sustainability - from our farms to your formulations

The Argentina crushing facility investment is part of Vantage’s ongoing commitment to providing long-term secure supply and “farm to formula” traceability for Desert Whale ingredients. Focused on expanding its jojoba capabilities, Vantage continually invests in farming, production and innovation initiatives. The company is committed to using sustainable and socially responsible practices.

Thanks to its recent investments, Vantage has a greater global platform to strengthen its leadership position and continue supporting customers’ needs. Owning multiple sources of jojoba, with farms located in two different regions, enables the company to harvest jojoba and extract oil year-round. Having crushing facilities located near its three farms allows Vantage to reduce the use of energy for transportation.

“At Vantage, we are proud to expand our capabilities in Argentina. Our continued investments around jojoba demonstrate that we are committed to providing long-term support for our customers and the beauty market. We are well-positioned to meet the growing global demand for jojoba-based ingredients as customers continue turning to these powerhouse materials in developing their innovative beauty products.” said Pat Brueggman, Senior Vice President & General Manager at Vantage.

Green to our very roots

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For nearly 40 years Vantage has built expertise around eco-friendly beauty ingredients. It began in the 1970s when founders of the Desert Whale Jojoba Company (now part of Vantage) promoted jojoba oil as a perfect replacement for whale oil -- playing a key role in the growth of the jojoba industry, and assisting the “Save the Whales” environmental movement.

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