UpCircle harnesses the power of discarded fruit for new skin care line

By Becky Bargh 15-Nov-2019

The 3-sku range uses argan shells and olive, and apricot stones

Skin care brand UpCircle has launched a new collection of skin care products made from repurposed food waste.

The Face Moisturiser uses disused argan shells with a blend of cocoa butter, aloe vera and blood orange to hydrate and brighten skin.

The hero ingredient for the new Face Mask is discarded olive stones from the olive oil industry, which works to fight blackheads, minimise pores and prevent breakouts.

Meanwhile, UpCircle’s Cleansing Face Balm uses repurposed apricot stones to gently remove make-up, pollution and impurities.

The formula is combined with blackcurrant seed and sea buckthorn oils.

All of the products in the range are said to be suitable for every skin types.

The brand’s first product range was blended from repurposed coffee grounds from artisan coffee shops.

UpCircle has also started using chai tea spices as a natural fragrance for its palm oil-free soap bars.

The new range will be available from 2 December via upcirclebeauty.com for £18.99.

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