Univar launched its latest SIM campaign at in-cosmetics Global


Univar Personal Care was delighted to reveal its last SIM (Strategic Ingredient Marketing) campaign at the 2018 edition of in-cosmetics Global held on April 17th-19th in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

#univarevolution Hair Care range

#univarevolution Hair Care range

Natural beauty, a major driver in the personal care industry is evolving from niche to mainstream.

Vegetal origin, ethics and value consciousness are growing demands for the savvy beauty consumer and a market driven by the millennium and premium customers.

After challenging the food industry, consumers now require responsible, yet effective products for their care routine.

Safety, efficacy and environmental concerns are key drivers for today’s consumer purchase behavior.

Although important, they are looking for responsible and natural formulas with complex and innovative performance and will not compromise the functionality of the finished products.

#univarevolution Toiletries range

#univarevolution Toiletries range

We believe that this key trend will transform the future of formulation. To endorse and support you, Univar Personal Care is pushing its boundaries, expanding its range and broadening its responsible and sustainable product lines to formulate tomorrow’s natural glamor.

Our wide range of responsible ingredients include products from our key partners such as Dow Organics, Cargill Beauty, Hallstar, KAO and Elevance.

Three times a year, we release a SIM (Strategic Ingredient Marketing) campaign highlighting a major market trend in the beauty industry and featuring the latest innovations from our strategic supply partners.

Our SIMs are developed to inspire you through the discovery of new formulas with new functionalities, texture, and sensory profiles.

#univarevolution Make-up range

#univarevolution Make-up range

Our 9th edition, #univarevolution, released at the in-cosmetics Global 2018, was focused on natural beauty, greenethics, and responsible beauty.

Each one of the 13 formulas highlights the functionality of our hero ingredients and offers a unique sensorial experience.

This campaign is especially dedicated to rinse-off products for hair, skin and face as well as makeup as those segments in natural beauty are still developing and are a space to watch for innovation.

We made natural beauty pop and challenged traditional gestures and textures to create exclusive, innovative, surprising formulas.

The #univarevolution EDIT:

Mineral Precision Facial Sunstick

100% mineral, SPF 50+ coverage in a stick format that melts into the skin when applied.

Full protection, non-sticky, easily absorbed, minimal whitening effect.

Focus ingredients

Hallstar Sensolene, biodegradable emollient with great sensoriality. Improves formula spreadability. Enhances barrier function.

Hallstar HALLBRITE EZ-FLO ZDX easy-to-use and highly stable dispersion of titanium dioxide showing no particle perception and minimal whitening in use.

Dow SunSpheres Powder SPF booster working with broad spectrum organic and inorganic UV filters, while maintaining waterproof characteristics.

Herbivore Super-Rich Foot Scrub

  • Oil-based exfoliating and hydrating foot scrub
  • Effective, gentle and natural formula
  • Transparent while suspension of particles

Focused ingredients

Dow ETHOCEL Standard 100 FP Premium: Ethylcellulose, naturally derived oil thickener and film former. Texturizer, creates clear formulations. 70% natural.

Elevance Soft CG-100: vegetable-based alternative emollient with elegant sensory feel, high moisturization and spreadability. 100% bio-based and renewable.

Clay Rhapsody Matte Blush Stick

  • Hot pink blush stick
  • Natural makeup formula using only natural oils and waxes with an exclusive powder system for a soft finish
  • Unique texture: luxe powdery feel that melts when applied

Focused ingredients

Cargill Beauty STARDESIGN 05340: nature-derived starch with great sensory enhancing properties. Gives mattifying effect and powdery feel to the product while reducing greasiness.

Elevance Smooth CS-110: vegetable-based structuring agent for anhydrous products with a smooth texture and soft feel. Semi-occlusive film former. 100% bio-based and renewable.

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Hallstar Oliwax: COSMOS approved stabiliser for emulsions or anhydrous formulas, derived from ultra-refined pure olive oil. Structures the oil phase and gives a nice, smooth and non-greasy feel. Bee wax substitute.

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