Unilever recalls Clear for Men skus over preservative fears


Preservatives protect against growth of pathogenic bacteria

Unilever Canada has recalled four of its men’s products over fears that they do not meet the specification required for preservatives.

The products in question, which were distributed nationwide back in 2013 and cost less than $10 each, include: Clear Mens Complete Care 2 in 1 Shampoo, Clear Mens Dry Scalp Hyrdrating 2 in 1 Shampoo, Clear Mens Shampoo Cool Sport Mint and Clear Mens Shampoo Hydrating Deep Clean.

If a product does not have the recommended level of preservatives, it runs the risk of growing micro-organisms including pathogenic bacteria. If such bacteria does grow, there is a risk of illness, particularly among those with suppressed immune systems or certain pre-existing illnesses.

Only certain batches of product were affected including those with Consumer Unit UPC numbers: 79400 21462, 79400 21463, 79400 23326 and 79400 33254, and expiry dates: DE15, DE15 or MA16, MA16 and DE15 or JA16, respectively. The company noted that no other expiry dates have been affected.

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Consumers that have bought any products with the above UPC number are being recommended to immediately stop using the products, retain the bottle and call 1-877-270-7393 in order to request a replacement voucher.