Unilever partners with DeMarco Murray


American Football star shares 'Get Game Ready' tips

American Footballer DeMarco Murray is partnering with Unilever this football season. On the website unilevergetgameready.com, created for the event, Murray will be uploading a series of clips, sharing with his fans confidence boosters, motivation and why a strong grooming routine is so important.

The campaign supports a range of Unilever products to be sold across the US called Get Game Ready, including products from Dove Men+Care, AXE, Degree Men, Suave Men and Vaseline Men. DeMarco will also feature in retailer store displays nationally from August onwards and throughout the football season.

Murray commented: "Preparation has always been crucial throughout my career, but it's about more than just working out and eating right. Personal care and personal style are important in everything I do. From body wash and shampoo to my deodorant, a solid morning grooming routine helps me look and feel my best. It's an essential part of how I get game ready."

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"DeMarco believes his personal style not only helps define who he is both on and off the football field, but also helps him prepare for big moments," added Matthew McCarthy, Senior Director of Men's Grooming at Unilever. "That's why we were excited to work with him. Most men understand the importance of preparation, but they don't always think about the role of grooming as part of it. This program aims to help guys realise that looking and feeling good helps you prepare and be your most confident self."