Une targets natural beauty


New brand from Bourjois focuses on natural ingredients

   First launched on the French market in October 2009, Bourjois is now rolling out its Une colour cosmetics brand to other countries. The concept is natural beauty and the sell is totally separate to the Bourjois brand so it does not carry the name and does not appear alongside it in store.

The philosophy is combining make-up that respects the skin with make-up that is a pleasure to wear, and the brand says it is committed to using natural formulas with the maximum amount of organic ingredients, a maximum amount of Ecocert certified ingredients and minimising environmental impact through the use of eco-friendly packaging. Products contain no GMOs, petrochemical oils, parabens, silicones or synthetic colours or fragrances.

There are 24 product types and 164 shades, with colours said to be inspired by people’s skin tone, hair colour, eye colour and lip tones rather than by fashion.

There are a number options for the face including Healthy-Glow Enhancer, Skin-Glow Foundation, Skin-Matt Foundation, 100% Mineral Foundation (containing mica, bismuth oxychloride and zinc oxide), Soft Minerals Powder Foundation and Healthy-Glow Mineral Powder. There is also a Skin-Echo Concealer and Skin-Glow Pencil, which Une make-up director, Christophe Durand describes as his “magic pencil”. Eye shadow and blusher products are packaged in sliding mirrored compacts that will ultimately be refillable. For eyes there is a ‘sfumato’ palette, named after a painting technique developed by Leonardo da Vinci meaning translucent with a smoky effect, and for lips there are three products: Sheer Lips Gloss, Lip-Toned Colour and Sheer Lips Balm.