US launch of Skin Trust Club at Beauty Connect in Los Angeles

Published: 16-Nov-2021

Deepverge announces that the Skin Trust Club is live in the US following its launch to industry at Beauty Connect, Los Angeles on 4-5 November 2021. The US launch is part of a five-event roadshow to industry that is unveiling what Skin Trust Club is all about and illustrating its power as a new game changing service in the skin health business

At industry events in London (Pure Beauty) on 28 October 2021, Los Angeles (Beauty Connect) 4-5 November 2021, Boston (Microbiome Connect) 17-18 November 2021, Amsterdam (Microbiome Connect) 7-8 December 2021 and San Francisco (Personalised Beauty Summit) 30-31 March 2021, scientists from Deepverge are briefing industry on the facets of the Skin Trust Club service:

  • science based personalised skincare service for consumers;
  • clinical trial for industry where microbiome samples are collected before, during and after trials to see granular effects;
  • personalised shopping experience where Skin Trust Club customers only see products relevant to their skin with science and AI based recommendations for skin health routines; and
  • A databank of thousands of skin sample data with AI models constantly learning about different types of skin and the effects of lifestyle, medications, environment and skin products and ingredients on that skin.
US launch of Skin Trust Club at Beauty Connect in Los Angeles

The skin health industry worldwide

With Skin Trust Club laboratories in York, UK, and Delaware, US, and a new laboratory in Cork, Ireland, coming online to serve the EU market, Skin Trust Club is available in two major markets – UK and US – and will also be available in selected EU countries by the end of this year.

Gerard Brandon, CEO of DeepVerge, commented:

“With the service now available across all platforms and an in-house back office system that has been tested at scale, we are now showing the power of the service as a B2C offering but also as a game changing B2B offering. The industry is realising that with Skin Trust Club, the Holy Grail of personalised beauty and skincare is here. Our partner programme is seeing leading brands sign up to sell the service as part of their product/service offerings, to use the service as part of their clinical trials and finally to see the impact the largest skin microbiome database in the world can have on moving skin science and their research forward.

With Skin Trust Club, we’ve had moments where servers were overloaded with demand and where partners are imploring us to move into their core markets quicker than we initially planned. Thankfully by making the strategic decision to build everything in-house – sequencing, software, AI – thereby controlling the normalisation of the service, we have the flexibility to move fast to scale. With exciting events this year and a roadmap that includes replicating the service for scalp, hands, legs and feet, both industry and consumers know that the future of skincare is based on deep science.

As a business, we are also seeing the full impact of the synergies within our business where our Labskin and Data/AI companies are working hand-in-hand to create a new service that the Board believes will have a profound effect on the skin health industry worldwide.”

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