UPL shows commitment to quality by introducing new hygiene controls


Controls will improve hygiene in manufacturing and filling areas

As part of UPL’s ongoing commitment to improving quality standards, a full review has been carried out to identify ways to further improve how access is managed within the manufacturing and filling areas to ensure optimum levels of hygiene are maintained.

A cross- functional team led the review and the outcome was the decision to introduce zones where dedicated footwear must be worn within the manufacturing and filling areas. This will provide improved hygiene and will ensure that there is controlled access to key zones within the factory area.

Shoe lockers have been set up for employees to use so that they can change into their ‘work’ footwear prior to entering the controlled areas. All other people, including visitors now entering the manufacturing and filling areas will also be required to change their shoes, so special overshoes will be provided for visitors.

The new approach reflects the commitment to providing quality assurance for products made and filled at the UPL MHRA licenced facility.


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