UK colour cosmetics market to hit £2bn in 2017

By Lucy Tandon Copp 21-Jun-2017

Sales of make-up are forecast to grow as women continue to wear products to alter the way they feel

The UK colour cosmetics market is predicted to reach a value of £2bn this year, up 7.2% from £1.8bn in 2016.

According to Mintel, the market is also on track for rapid growth over the next five years, anticipated to grow by 36% to £2.5bn by 2021.

Looking at category breakdown, over the past 12 months the most-purchased products were mascara (57%), lipstick (49%) and liquid/cream foundation (46%).

Face and lip colour sub-categories saw the largest rise overall, with facial products growing by 10% to reach £580m in 2016 and lip colour growing 11% to £304m.

Led by emotions

Colour cosmetics remains a transformative sector, both with regards to appearance as well as emotional wellbeing

Key drivers behind the category’s success is the emotional connection that women continue to have with make-up.

Research shows that 64% of women say wearing make-up makes them feel more confident, while 43% say it makes them feel attractive.

Conversely just 16% say they feel more professional and 15% feel empowered by wearing make-up.

Roshida Khanom, Associate Director, Beauty & Personal Care at Mintel, said: “Colour cosmetics remains a transformative sector, both with regards to appearance as well as emotional wellbeing.

“With confidence rating higher than attractiveness as an emotional impact of wearing make-up, brands should use it as a tool for revealing inner beauty and focus more on strength and empowerment.

“While the selfie trend continues to heighten the awareness of one’s own reflection, most women are favouring natural make-up looks to enhance their features rather than create dramatic looks.”

Nature’s way

Khanom’s observation is supported by the finding that 35% of women say they use make-up to subtly enhance natural features.

However, some consumers are interested in exploring trends with 29% having explored eyebrow defining, 24% experimenting with nail art and 20% turning to contouring.

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But overall, Mintel’s research found that the majority of women say make-up trends are consuming at 69% and 72% say the end result can look unnatural.