Tutti foodie: Lubrizol presents hair rainbowtherapy


Consuming vegetables and fruits from different colours supplies a broad range of nutrients that can enhance health and wellbeing.

In ancient cultures, food and medicine are closely related. The ancient Chinese believed that to get a balanced yin and yang a well-rounded nutrition was needed, including ingredients from five colour families.

Follow the rainbow for beautiful and healthy looking hair with Lubrizol’s collection of food-based formulations containing superfood ingredients from each colour group.

Lubrizol experts created 5 mild formulations, that mimic food textures, deliver an experience that stirs the senses and protect the scalp while providing hair repair, colour protection or volume.

Yellow and orange: Scalp purifying orange ginger smoothie shampoo

A mild non-sulfate purifying shampoo with a smoothie texture provided by that will help to restore the balance of a healthy scalp.

It is infused with Actiphyte Grapefruit seed and Actiphyte Ginger, two superfood ingredients with astringent properties that help to regulate sebum production.

Green: Detox smoothie shampoo

A deep cleansing shampoo that provide a non-aggressive shampooing experience while removing metals and pollutants from the hair surface.

A real vitamin cocktail to nourish and strengthen the hair with an elegant rheology and pearlescence at low pH and light conditioning to the hair.

Actiphyte Broccoli and Actiphyte Avocado extracts provide a mixture vitamins, fatty acids and minerals that help to make the hair strong and smooth while eliminating hair frizz.

White and brown: Light whipped yogurt hair conditioner

This creamy rinse-off hair conditioner, with the texture of a whipped yogurt repairs damaged hair.

This formulation provides an intensive conditioning effect, luxurious wet and dry feel along with thermal protection.

Actiphyte Almond and Actiphyte Quinoa contain essential amino acids which act as natural strengtheners and repair damaged hair.

Blue and purple: Defrizzer juice hair serum

This smooth and weightless hair serum has been formulated with ingredients that nourish and protect your hair from heat.

In addition Actiphyte of Eggplant and Acai Berry GL contain mixture of amino acids and essential fatty acids that impart a healthy shine and improve its overall texture.

Red: Fresh berry marmalade hair gel

This luscious styling gel is pleasant to apply and has little tack or stickiness for styles that stay touchable and controlled all day long.

Fixate PLUS Polymer contributes to the weightless styling and long-lasting hold properties of this gel while Actiphyte of Beet and Pomegranate help to enhance the quality and thickness of hair.

To incorporate Lubrizol Hair Rainbowtheraphy in your routine, following the traditional multi-coloured diet and using superfood ingredients into food-inspired formulations, visit Lubrizol website https://www.lubrizol.com/Personal-Care or Contact Lubrizol at PersonalCare-Europe@Lubrizol.com

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*Actiphyte and Fixate are registered trademark ingredients of Lubrizol Advanced Materials

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