Trivium, CCL and Tubex scoop 2021 aluminium aerosol can awards

By Julia Wray | 6-Sep-2021

Sustainable materials and innovative decoration techniques were recognised in AEROBAL's annual awards

The International Organisation of Aluminium Aerosol Container Manufacturers AEROBAL has revealed its winners for the most innovative aluminium aerosol cans of the year.

In the category for aluminium aerosol can already on the market, an international jury chose Trivium Packaging Argentina’s can for Cocinero Fritolim Oliva and Clasico edible oil sprays.

For each variant the design concept emphasises the brand image, a man in a chef’s apron and hat, whose eye contact is said to engage the consumer’s attention.

In the graphic pre-production phase, the face had to be created in such a way that it would appear correctly proportioned despite the deformation of the can during manufacturing.

Sustainable materials were also used with cans incorporating recyclate content.

Trivium, CCL and Tubex scoop 2021 aluminium aerosol can awards

Winning the prototype category were two cans called Save the Earth and The Matrix from CCL Container, based in the US.

It collaborated with Sun Chemical to develop the cans created using novel spot varnish ink technology, which provides a visual contrast between matte and glossy areas.

Finally, the award for sustainability went to the aluminium can from Cien Deo, produced by Germany’s Tubex.

The can is the first aluminium aerosol can printed with eco-friendly printing ink, which is free of mineral, palm, soybean and coconut oils.

A patented alloy allowed for a further weight reduction of 6% compared with the previous can while 25% PCR material was incorporated.

Finally, water-based coating lacquer reduces the use of solvents by 65%.

Trivium, CCL and Tubex scoop 2021 aluminium aerosol can awards

“The issue of sustainability continues to play the central role in the aluminium aerosol can industry and, of course, in packaging in general,” explained AEROBAL Secretary General Gregor Spengler.

“It’s remarkable and satisfying to see that even in times of crisis, the efforts and investments of our member companies have not diminished at all when it comes to sustainable concepts.

“Looking at this year’s competition, it rather seems to be the case that our industry is once again stepping up its efforts to create eco-friendly and environmentally compatible packaging solutions.”

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