Transportation – turning a blind eye to illegal chemical samples


Some Chinese manufacturers package and label samples of hazardous chemicals as non-hazardous substances to avoid additional cost and paperwork. SampleRite can help chemical companies ensure all samples from China are dispatched with the correct paperwork economically

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The dangers posed by fake or counterfeit products from the Far East has received plenty of column inches in the UK media recently, but there is an equally worrying development in the chemical industry that is managing to slip under the authorities’ radar

Small samples of hazardous chemicals are being regularly packaged and labelled as non-hazardous substances by some Chinese manufacturers in order to avoid the additional cost and paperwork required to comply with International Air Transport Association (IATA) and IMDG Code regulations for the transportation of dangerous goods by air and sea.

Health and safety is being compromised to save money and the consequences could be fatal. The majority of chemical samples are transported internationally via passenger aircraft and many airlines are unknowingly handling flammable and toxic chemical samples labelled incorrectly. The practice is putting both airline employees and passengers at risk as well as those taking delivery of the samples.

Anyone opening a package that they believe contains non-hazardous chemicals could be exposed to dangerous liquids, powders or fumes. Workers are unlikely to have taken adequate precautions or to be wearing the correct personal protective equipment (PPE).

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