Tracking extreme longevity secrets to design a well-ageing solution


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A new approach regarding ageing phenomenon

Erasing wrinkles is no more the intended purpose. Women are looking for a more holistic approach.

They no longer try, in vain, to make time stand still, but rather would embrace the passing of time by promoting healthy ageing.

ID bio has investigated in the geographical areas that enjoy one of the highest life expectancies, 'Blue Zones', to unearth the longevity secrets of those populations.

Okinawa Island is one of them and shows 4 to 5 times more centenarians than in Western populations.

The company has been looking at the positive effects on longevity of 'true emotional connection' between people, versus 'virtual connection' that tends to isolate.

At the skin level the observation is similar than in the society and our study tends to demonstrate that a good connection among skin structures improves its functionality and favours a replenished aspect.

A botanical solution for a healthy ageing

To create Evolu'age, ID bio thus studied the properties of getto extract (Alpinia speciosa), a plant known to contribute to the particularly high life expectancy in the Okinawa Blue Zone.

These studies therefore showed that this endemic resource, in addition to its nutritional effect, also had beneficial cutaneous effects.

Getto extract thus represents a botanical active ingredient that helps maintain the skin healthy look.

The ingredient is obtained with a green extraction process, certified organic by Cosmos and China compliant (IECIC 2015 listed).

Evolu'age, a well-ageing active ingredient that

  • Reconciles women with their age and favours authentic 'social reconnection'
  • Restores molecular interactions deteriorated over time
  • Boosts the personal emotional capital for an harmonious ageing
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