Three Pears Brands strengthens its position in classic fragrances with reimagined heritage scents collection

By Julia Wray 14-Dec-2020

The UK company bought the Blue Stratos, Rapport, Mandate and Le Jardin fragrance brands earlier this year

Three Pears Brands has further developed its UK classic scents range with the launch of a new heritage collection.

The UK fragrance and skin care brand owner said it had reformulated, rejuvenated and reimagined several male and female scents from the 1970s, purchased over the past 12 months.

At the beginning of 2020, Three Pears bought Blue Stratos, the sister brand of Old Spice, which was created in 1975 by Shulton Inc.

The company continued its vintage British fragrances spree in the summer with the triple purchase of perfume brands Rapport, Mandate and Le Jardin.

While Three Pears hopes the scents will trigger olfactory memories among older consumers, the packaging has been designed to entice new and younger audiences, especially those that are value and budget conscious, or interested in retro trends.

The line-up includes men’s fragrances Blue Stratos, Rapport Original, Sport and Black, Mandate and Gold, which are all available as EDTs, aftershaves and pre-electric ranges, accompanied by personal care and skin care.

The feminine fragrance line-up incorporates Le Jardin and Le Jardin D’amour in feature gift packs and a combination dressing table set.

The brands are available directly from Three Pears Brands.

Ed Dunn, Chairman of Three Pears Brands, said. ‘We started building our brand portfolio in 2018 with the acquisition of the Cyclax Skincare range, which we have further developed and extended.

“We have been acquisitive and continue to add classic fragrances to the range. Our new product development is going well for our skin care, personal care and fragrance markets and sales are strong both domestically and overseas.”

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Dunn added: “Focusing on the acquisition and development of Great British skin care and personal brands, our manufacturing expertise, together with our understanding of the international market and exporting – provides us with a major competitive edge when it comes to quality, price, innovation and service.”