The toughest claims for the cosmetics industry to prove

Consumers are becoming more and more savvy about how pollution and technological advances could damage their skin. But before brands jump on the band wagon, they must substantially prove the products could work.

Jessen Curpen is the Biophysics Manager & Head of Clinical Study Design, (Centre International de Développement Pharmaceutique) CIDP. Based in Mauritius, the international group specialises in research and development activities for cosmetics, pharmaceutical, medical device, and nutrition, industries.

Here he highlights to Cosmetics Business the new cosmetics trends that require specific substantiation and how brands should be careful before making these bold claims.

Jessen Curpen

"In its broad definition, cosmetic products are used by nearly everyone on a daily basis, and the beauty and personal care market is a competitive one with much potential.

Discerning consumers are on the lookout for innovative products and the cosmetic industry is ever committed to meeting these demands.

In their quest for a competitive advantage, manufacturers have come up with all sorts of novel product claims that the industry and consumers have grown to embrace.

Two of the most interesting cosmetic product claims . . .

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