The top beauty trends of 2020, according to Whole Foods Market


Beauty buyers at the health food grocery store has predicted the trends to become mainstream

Image: via Instagram/@wholefoods

US grocery chain Whole Foods Market has revealed its top beauty trends for 2020.

Ahead of the health food retailer’s in-store promotional event, Beauty Week 2020 due to run from 11-17 March, its buyers have predicted the cosmetic and wellness trends that will go mainstream this year.

Here are the top five beauty trends of 2020, according to Whole Foods Market:

1. Bakuchiol

An alternative to retinol, the vegan-friendly ingredient is an extract derived from the seeds of the East Asian babchi plant.

Said to be suitable for consumers with dry or sensitive skin, bakuchiol formulas aim to help skin look smoother, firmer and reduce the appearance of lines.

2. Blue light defence

As consumers increasingly protect their skin from harmful UV rays on a daily basis, beauty brands are also raising awareness about the potentially ageing light from electronic gadgets.

Blue light (also known as high energy visible light) is emitted from computers, mobile phones and tablet screens, and is an unavoidable problem in modern life.

Skin care brands are marketing ingredients such as carotenoid lutein to help protect the complexion, but Whole Foods Market also suggests blue green algae, charcoal and ginseng root extract to support the skin’s barrier from blue light.

3. Watermelon

Products dedicated to summer fruit watermelon have made their way to Whole Foods Market Shelves.

The hot weather favourite is 90% water, but also contains vitamins A, B, C and E and is used in products from hair care to face masks and lip balms.

4. Body masks

The body care category is reinventing itself to become just as Insta-worthy as the face mask sector has become.

With masks for hair, feet and even the behind, beauty fans are said to be seeking out products designed to target specific areas of the body. Whole Foods Market predicts that by the end of 2020, consumers will be covered in masks from head to toe.

5. Glycolic acid

An AHA typically found in sugar cane, glycolic acid is the star ingredient for many exfoliating products designed to help skin appear smoother and brighter.

According to the Austin-headquartered company, its buyers have seen an increasing number of cleansers, face masks, make-up removing wipes and exfoliation solutions using the AHA.

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