The science behind natural facial skin care oils

By Katerina Steventon 1-Jun-2018

Natural facial skin care oils are more popular than ever, but how do they benefit the skin?

Dr Katerina Steventon

Dr Katerina Steventon

Dr Katerina Steventon is a skin scientist and columnist with experience of working at the interface of commercial, clinical and research health care sectors.

Steventon’s research interests are skin health, appearance and ageing. She specialises in difficult-to-treat skin types and innovative perspectives on consumer needs in facial skin care.

The recent boom in facial oil popularity has brought a variety of plant oil formulae to the market.

The growth in European anti-ageing skin care is coming from smaller, independent 'challenger' brands, championing a more mindful approach, and high-impact, efficacious and personalised hybrid products.

With consumer demand for greater transparency, sustainability and organic skin care, the farm-to-face movement is tipped to become a significant future trend and a growing number of beauty brands will aim to 'own' the entire supply chain – from seed to serum. It has been known for some time that many plant oils can enhance skin barrier integrity.

The skin's primary function is to act as a protective barrier. Its most superficial layer, the stratum corneum, acts as a first-line defence against the outside world and also helps to prevent water loss.

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Moisture balance is essential in maintaining the ...

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