The many faces of Kate Moss: Icon debuts luxury make-up palette

By Sarah Parsons 10-Aug-2017

The British supermodel will be working with Japanese brand Decorté to create the Kate Moss Favorites set available in Saks Fifth Avenue

Supermodel and beauty icon Kate Moss has launched her first make-up palette with luxury Japanese brand Decorté.

Moss, named the face of the brand in 2015, has been involved in product creation for several brands, including a line of lipsticks for Rimmel London. However, the Decorté launch is Moss’ first luxury NPD creation.

“Decorté gave me complete creative control with the palette,” Moss told Harpers Bazaar US.

The Kate Moss Favorites set ($190) comprises of silky powder shadows in neutral taupes, browns and one ‘moss’ green.

There are also four matte lipsticks in two pinky nudes, one classic red and a mauve.

“I chose shades that work for everyday but added richer colours to give you the option to go for a stronger look,” Moss added.

“I love the semi-matte texture of the lip quad, it lasts all day while conditioning your lips too."

Beauty fans will also find a lip pencil, inky liquid eyeliner, brow pencil. and three applicator brushes inside.

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Decorté provided a consumers with a glimpse inside the set via social media, which will be available exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue from 15 August – shoppers can currently pre-order via Decorté’s website.

While the department store usually ships to the UK, this particular product is not available, so make-up fans will need to add it to their shopping list when in the US.

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In 2010 the British model became the face of the Kosé-owned brand and has maintained the relationship ever since.