The latest drop: Droppers for your targeted beauty products

By Austyn King 5-Jul-2022

With demand for targeted beauty products on the rise, droppers deliver the precise application consumers crave

The latest drop: Droppers for your targeted beauty products

Creating cosmetics – as anyone in the business will tell you – is a science, one that is continually evolving over the years to deliver the results consumers crave, whether that be glowing skin or glossy hair.

But such expertise is no longer confined to the labs, as recent years have seen the ‘skintellectual’ consumer come to the fore, armed with more knowledge than ever about how best to take care of their beauty needs thanks to a wealth of information available online and from beauty influencers.

Ingredient-focused skin care brands such as The Ordinary and The Inkey List have flourished in this period, topping polls of consumers’ most-searched-for brands; sales of dermatological skin care surged by 28% in 2020, according to data from Ekimetrics; and ‘clinical brands’, defined by The NPD Group as brands with a clinical background or products centred around clinical benefits or ingredients, surpassed natural skin care to become the largest brand type in prestige skin care in the US.

With consumers seeking more targeted products and intensive ingredients than ever, it is no surprise that droppers are an increasingly popular delivery system.

“The key characteristic of a dropper is precision,” Karen Merchán, Senior Category Specialist at Quadpack, tells Cosmetics Business.

“Its main functionality is ...

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