The future of needs-based hair care is here: personalisation by Yours Truly


Yours Truly – Hair care as unique as you are!

Every hair is different and individual - and hair care should be too. When it comes to hair, there are vast needs and desires. More moisture, volume, anti-frizz, UV protection or all at once? Usually, a compromise had to be made by customers and hairdressers. Not anymore! With Yours Truly, everyone can find hair care that's just right for them.

The art of personalisation

How does personalisation work? Here is the answer: An online questionnaire and a sophisticated algorithm. With a short questionnaire, Yours Truly learns everything about a customer's needs and personal hair goals. An algorithm then calculates all formula variables in real time while the questions are being answered. Millions of possible active ingredient combinations are considered, and at the end a perfect matching formula is designed according to the highest Clean Beauty standards. The highlight: As a finishing touch the product is topped off with an individually selected fragrance from the fragrance world of Yours Truly.

Hand-made quality

All products are hand-made at the Yours Truly in-house lab in Germany where they are filled in recyclable bottles made from recycled materials. Packaged with love and decorated with the customer’s name of choice on the bottle, customers receive their hair care delivered to their doorstep. Good to know: All products were developed together with hairdressers to meet the highest salon quality standards.

Personalised in-salon service

The Yours Truly products are also an optimal addition for the modern salon. Hairdressers are experts in hair colour and haircuts customisation, and now with Yours Truly, they can offer the ultimate personalised service with in-salon hair care personalisation. The personalised in-salon service lifts the hairdresser out of the crowd into uniqueness and offers an exclusive in-salon service.

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You are too individual for standard, and so is your hair
You are too individual for standard, and so is your hair