The download hotlist: must-have beauty apps


The top five beauty apps that should sit on every beauty aficionado’s home screen

In a society that has an app for virtually everything, the beauty industry is finally getting in on the action with a long overdue digital makeover. Like the must-have contour palette in your customer’s vanity case, the app (short for application) is becoming a hot commodity with beauty brands eager to win that all important square of real estate on a customer’s smartphone home screen.

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Beauty was slow to join the digital party, largely due to customers being hesitant about ordering products without being able to test them first. Online clothes shopping usually comes with a guarantee that if something doesn’t fit it can be returned. Once a customer opens a beauty product, however, there’s usually no going back. The rise of engaging mobile apps, which bring together social influencers, peer-to-peer reviews and, in many cases, the ability to simulate product testing, is lowering the risk for first timer buyers who might have previously felt nervous about committing to an on-screen purchase without trying the product in-store first. Coupled with this is the trend to offer online customers the chance to sample beauty products with trial boxes and “try-before-you-buy” return schemes to boost customers’ confidence about buying beauty products online.


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