The art of building collagen at NYSCC Suppliers’ Day


LipoTrue (booth 1031) will present at NYSCC Suppliers Day Skinarch at the World Chemistry Global Forum May 8 at 12:40 PM, at the World of Chemistry Global Forum.

Skinarch is a novel peptide that enables cosmetics to fully explore the disruptive trend celebrating the difference for an inclusive beauty. My skin my rules. Skinarch allows to jump into this trend by taking a common feature in all ethnicities: skin architecture and tensegrity.

Tensegrity is key for collagen fibers and only a good network formation ensures it. Skinarch increases Mohawk, a novel key player in the cosmetic field, which may be considered the architect of the skin, promoting the formation of new and well-organized collagen I & III fibers for a proper biotensegrity.

Skinarch also works on the four collagen families: fibrillar collagens, connecting and anchoring collagens, network-forming collagens and collagen-like membrane proteins.

Moreover, its inclusive efficacy on skin architecture against wrinkles and sagging was proved in a mixed panel of volunteers with light-pigmented (phototype II-III) and dark-pigmented (phototype V-VI) skin.

In the diversity and the difference, we can find and share the beauty of the skin architecture.

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Vist LipoTrue at booth 1031 to learn more about Skinarch.

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