The Red Tree founder gives his tips for peak beauty brand fitness

Brands are like people – for a long and healthy life they need to keep fit. Stirling Murray discusses a new programme that has been developed to assess brands’ health, whatever their stage

Stirling Murray The Red Tree Stirling Murray is the founder of The Red Tree, a leading international beauty brand consultancy.

RaceFit is a unique programme developed by The Red Tree and can be found at

It’s remarkable how closely the life of a brand follows the pattern of a human life. The brand is born – often through a period of intense struggle. From an early age it demands constant care and nurturing.

With the right care it grows quickly, and starts to build and strengthen its personality. A brand soon reaches an age where much greater help is needed to move to a new level of maturity. After that it might stay at the same level, or with a huge and consistent effort reach the point where its aspirations become much greater. The brand might desire international growth, it might seek to join with others as part of an acquisition or decide to build a family of brands.

At some point in its life cycle a brand will falter and will need to refocus its efforts: what should it be, what should it achieve, how does it grow further, how does it fit with the aspirations of its founder or its corporate objectives?

Familiar to all in marketing, this sequence of events is called the . . .

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