The Inkey List launches casting call for upcoming holiday campaign

By Sarah Parsons 7-Oct-2020

The skin care brand is asking consumers how skin care has impacted their lives

An open casting call by The Inkey List is being held to find stories about how skin care has impacted consumers' lives.

The British brand is looking for people to star in its upcoming holiday campaign, which will see fans of the brand discuss how they have been able to build, or strengthen, their personal community via a passion for cosmetics.

"From the skin care aficionado and their clueless friend, a daughter or son helping their mother with a skin care recipe, to a bond over skin care formed on social media, the stories will explore first-hand, how knowledge impacted their skin, relationships and lives," said The Inkey List.

The planned seasonal advertising push will be aired online from 8 November - 25 December.

"We have an incredible community who pass on beauty knowledge to their own friends, family, siblings and social connections, and when I hear these stories, it genuinely makes me so happy and reaffirms why The Inkey List exists," added Colette Laxton, co-founder of The Inkey List.

"Skin care and hair care knowledge really is personal and can bring people together and make a lasting impact, and we want to bring those feel good stories to the world."

The campaign is the latest in a series of campaigns from the brand focusing on community education.

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In September, The Inkey List unveiled 'Everyday's a School Day', an online platform that offered consumers educational modules from the brand and a number of experts.